July 4th Grilling Tips

Have fun and enjoy your BBQ this weekend and stay on plan with this grilling tips.  Check out the recipe below for a good dessert choice.   Healthy Apple Crisp Recipe for Weight...

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Tips for a Healthy Vacation

Do you want to lose weight on vacation or at least maintain weight and be healthy? Do you want to come back from vacation feeling better than ever? Be healthy, lose weight, and keep your blood sugar stable with these tips on eating while away...  ...

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Self Care Your Future

Part of taking care of yourself includes planning for tomorrow, next week and next month. Create a healthy lifestyle by planning ahead. Little healthy habits add up to weight loss, health and happiness. Here's some tips on how to care for yourself in your future...  ...

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Healthy Self Care

Are you feeling a bit low, whether it be emotionally or physically? Instead of turning to comfort food to answer those feelings, talk to them instead. Ask, what do you need right now? It could be we need to spend some time with a friend, make a new friend, have an...

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Santa Cruz’ Healthy Grocery Store

Our healthy food just got better. Our store is packed with products great for diabetics! If you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, keep your blood sugar levels stable, or just want to be healthy, stop by and try our prepared meals and bakery items and shop...

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Healthy Snacks On-The-Go

Don't get caught out and about with low blood sugar, starving and craving anything in sight... even if Jamba Juice is calling your name. Stop by our health store in Santa Cruz for healthy snacks to keep in your car so you can stay healthy and lose weight.  ...

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Healthy Bakery in Santa Cruz

The Healthy Way Bakery in Santa Cruz is stocked with items from protein muffins with no carbs for on-the-go meal, crepes for breakfast, pizzas on homemade flatbread for the pizza cravings, and much much more! These are great options when you don't have time to cook or...

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Healthy Candy Bar for Weight Loss

Do you crave the chocolate and crunch of a candy bar? This alternative is your answer to a healthy candy bar that satisfies your sweet tooth. Check out The Healthy Way's YouTube Channel for more healthy weight loss tips and watch our video below for how to make...

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  1. The Healthy Way Holiday Food & Fund Drive 2017

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